Tsubasa Makimori is one of the two main protaganists of Death Note: The Next Chapter. She is a High School student who grows angry with the worlds stupidity and tries to fix it with the aid of a Deathnote.

Tsubasa Makomori
Next Chapter
16 (At debut)

Will to act
Social skills
4/10 (At first) 9/10 (Later on)
As a Kira
Number of victims 7
Men 4
Women 3
Shinigami Syde

Appearance Edit

Tsubasa is a young girl with long black hair and golden brown eyes. She wears a black sweater with a white dress shirt and a red tie. She wears a blue light checkered skirt with long black stockings and black shoes. She has casual cloths consisting of a black shirt and black pants. She also has a pair of knee high black boots.

Personality Edit

Tsubasa is an extremly smart girl, getting a perfect score on her Pre-SAT's, G.P.A, etc. Her brain power excceds Light's by years, although her true colors have yet to be seen. She has a deep hate towards humanity for their stupidity and that God would let people pick on her. She conceives it as a Government Conspiracy and the first people she kills are politicians and members of the gov't. She does however have a goal. She wants to rid the world, without the pety thought of becoming a new god similar to her proceeder. She is otherwise more determined than light.

Creation and Conception Edit

Tsubasa was origianlly going to be a male with a gothich view. This was scrapped and Tsubasa Makimori was created. Tsubasa means Wings and Maki mori can be translated too, Chinese Black Pine and Forest. She at first was also not supposed to be a student, but a Teacher's assitant who grew angry at her students and kills them to show what power she holds. Due to vulgarity, this like her original character was scrapped.

Shinigami Edit

Tsubasa's Shinigami is called Syde, which is short for Sydel II. He is a tall muscular man with white skin and messy black hair. One side of him is covered in black feathers. He has one wing, prohibiting long term flight. He has been described as a Crow. He seems to be related to Ryuk in a way. His true personality has yet to be determined.

Mure Karasu


Trivia Edit

  • Similar to L's Blue Fade and Light's Red Fade, during emotional times Tsubasa has a light red fade rivaling Lights.
  • She has shown to dislike Syde, calling him a monster and scum for feeding off of Death to live.
    • Despite this, she talks to him in order to grasp a hold of the books potential