Name Nathanael Weaver
Other Names Nathaniel Austere
Sex Male
Occupation Director of the FBI
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality United States
Date of birth April 11, 1994
Date of death January 19, 20??
Astrological Sign Aries

Nathanael Weaver (ウイバ・ナセナエル; Uiba Nasenaeru), who also used the false name Nathaniel Austere, was the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who participated in the so-called Second Kira Case. He was among the first of Interpol's members to suspect a new Kira to be the source of the fresh killings. Nathanael has been portrayed as an activist of his work, and has made himself a major player in the case to uncover the new Kira.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Nathanael's family name was originally Austere, though it was later changed to Weaver to bring a more recognizable English tone to his name. Austere became Nathanael's fake family name in order to protect himself from the Death Note.
  • The model for Nathanael's appearance is Christian Bale.