Maaike van der Kooij
Chapter 1
2 July 2005
29 March 2020

Will to act
Social skills
As a Kira
Number of victims 83 (mostly Dutch criminals and corrupt country leaders)
Men 81
Women 2
Shinigami Kurome

Maaike van der Kooij (マクヴァンデルコヂュ Maiku Vanuderukoyu; 2 July 2005 – 29 March 2020), mostly shorted as Maiku (マク) is the first Kira and prota/antagonist to appear in the Death Note: Black Mercy series.


Born in 2005, Maaike was a normal Dutch high-school girl until she was 15. When her parents were arguing because there car was broken at a roadway, Kurome approached her and told her about the Death Note.


First Part: Maaike van der KooijEdit

To test the reality of the Death Note Maaike writes down names of country leaders she hates and is shocked to read in the newspapers they really died. Maaike takes action with the Note, killing all bad people in world, just like Light did in Death Note. But then the Dutch government hires in detectives M, V and F to hunt down this new Kira. Suprisingly, V finds information about Maaike quickly. But when she's about to show it to the Dutch government, M sends her a voice message that she's stolen the information and taking action. She keeps her word and, disguised, chases down Maaike in her home in Zaandam together with Dutch police forces. Maaike, who had accepted the Shinigami's Eyes, pierces trough M's disguise and sees her name. But when she's about to write it down, she is killed by a heart attack. M gets her Death Note and sees Kurome, asking her if she knows who killed Maaike. Kurome admits she does not, telling the truth. Later, F claims to be the one who killed her, but it was part of his plan to make V and M believe he was Kira. Actually, he did not know who commited the murder. Shiroi later revealed to have been the Kira all the time.

Before she dies, Maaike tells Kurome to make sure her Death Note is deliverd by Rammie.


Maaike van der Kooij featured as cover model of the first Death Note: Black Mercy manga book.

Kopie van voorkant

Behind Maaike, Kurome is seen; symbolizing her black and manipulating nature and Maaike's naive character.

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