Name Ken-ichi Misora
Other Names Lo (alias)
Sex Male
Occupation Head of Japanese Police Force, part of Kira Elimination Task Force
Ethnicity Japanese, Korean
Nationality Japan
Date of birth February 18, 2009
Date of death December 4, 20??
Astrological Sign  ???

Lo is the head of the Japanese Police Department. Being only 16, it is an oddity that such a young man would be in the police at all. Y even says "I am dubious as to work with a mere child." Despite his sge, Lo is a highly intellectual person, almost matching that of Y.



Lo's mother was Korean, while his father was Japanese. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Lo spent his first twelve years in a Taekuondo school, training. At the ripe age of 12 he had become a 2nd degree Black Belt. His intellectual talent were also starting to bloom. His father took him to Tokyo, Japan. While in Tokyo, a new Kira had risen, and his father died, days later, of a heart attack. Lo, heartbroken and stranded in Japan, vowed to avenge his father's death, and join the Japanese Police. He adopted the alias "Lo", and applied to the police. For a year, he was rejected every time. After a year, Lo was allowed one chance at applying. Lo passed, and was allowed into the police, starting at the lowest ranking job with the least importance. Over the course of the next year, the police died out by the hands of Kira, leaving only a few members. Lo, being the most physically skilled and most intelligent, became head of the Japansese Police. He decided that the police would be safer and more efficient by doing two things: to join the new lone detective, Y, and to adopt aliases to lessen the chance of death.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit


  • "Please, my age is irelevant. Let us discuss further about today's killings."
  • "Y, was it? I am Head of Japanese Police Force. For obvious reasons, I shall not disclose my real name. You may simply adress Lo "