Knochen von Tod is the leader of the New National Socialist Party and the main antagonist of the Death Note franchise. His face was never seen until the end of the series. He was also the 10th Kira and the only one to keep the death note the longest out of any other Death Note users (including Light and Misa).

Personality and TraitsEdit

Knochen is an intelligent and patient man . His intellect surpasses L and Light put together. Dispite wanting to bring back the Nazi regime to Germany, he believes the purity of the Aryan Race was a delusional and non-existent philosophy (which is true). He prefers the militaristic and nationalist side of the ideology. He also has more knowlage about the Death Note than Light. Infact he has little respect for Light, firmly beliving him to be a "someone who was too week and unworthy to be a god" and arrogant coward. He is also good at tricking his enemies as he used fake death notes with the same handwriting as the orginals.