Kiraism was a religion that formed out of Kira and his intention to purge the world of crime and create a utopia. Its members are referred to as Kirites. They played a major role in the Second Kira Case, as its mere existence prevented Interpol from actively investigating the possibility of a new Kira, as well as supplying Kira with a pool of supporters.


Its followers generally believe that the world is tainted with crime and that capital punishment is a perfectly acceptable punishment for crimes on any level, since it would greatly discourage criminal activity.

The Second Coming of KiraEdit

Kirites agree on most occasions that Kira would return, ignoring the official announcement by L that Kira is dead. They merely believe that Kira is resting and preparing for another great assault upon immorality and sin upon the world, this time to completely eradicate it.



An archbishop initiating the prayer ceremony.

Followers of Kira lack a single ruler; instead they have several leaders referred to as Archbishops. Archbishops have the privilege in dressing in pure white robes, and always lead a prayer when present. When an archbishop is not present, the next highest in the hierarchy, usually a bishop or priest, leads the ceremony. Those under the archbishop, when leading a prayer, usually wears crimson robes.


The first Kirites arose when the first Kira began being noticed by the general population in Japan for killing criminals of high stature around the year 2003. Though not openly supporting him, numerous fansites and social networks popped up on the Internet, declaring support to Kira's cause. Over the years, this base grew more expansive, spilling over the national boundaries of Japan into other countries. In the United States, Kiraism was so widespread that the U.S. government generally avoided involving itself in the case until Mello and allied members of the Mafia forced the nation to chose a side.

Sakura TV and other news stations were quick to catch onto the Kira craze, and dedicated airtime for various Kira-related topics during the First Kira's reign.