This a story where Light beats L without losing his memory first

Chapter 1: TortureEdit

Light has just met L. He knows that L is using fake name to ensure his safety. He has to kill L before L gets proof of him being Kira. He says"Hey Ryuk, can I see your death note for a second?

Ryuk says"Uh... Sure okay" Ryuk then hands his death note to Light. Light then grabs it picks up a lighter and burns Ryuk's death note.

Ryuk then says" Hey, what are you doing?" Light say" It's just a little safety precaution Ryuk. You see I have a plan to kill L. But I know you wont like the plan and may even be tempted to write my name in your death note if you still had one."

Ryuk says"So, what's your plan, Light" Light says"Its quite simple really. I know L is using a alias to protect himself. I also know that you know his real name and will not just tell me it. So I will force you to do this. You see Ryuk, until you tell me L's real name I will stop buying you the apples you love so much"

2 weeks later...

Light is walking home from school and says" Ryuk are you ready to tell me L's real name yet? Ryuk says" Yes, His name is Leonardo Lawiet."

Light then goes home and writes L"s real name in the death note.l dies 40 seconds later.