Death Note: Black Mercy (デスノート-ブラクマスィ Desu Nōto: Burakku Masi) is a 2008 fanfiction story written by Dutch Death-Note fan Shinsaku. Her friend Mikon made a manga out of it. The story sets in Europe instead of Japan and only 3 Japanese characters appear in it.


20 years after the last Kira was killed, the shinigami Kurome leaves to the human world. Her appereance is small and resembles a sheep, making her hated and a loved bullying object in the Shinigami's Realm. Therefore she leaves to the Human World and arrives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, she meets Maaike van der Kooij and gives her the Death Note, not knowing by doing this she would lead to several dramatic happenings.

Later, three other Shinigami appear and Kurome's Death Note is passed on four times.